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Dawes Arboretum

One of Mom’s favorite places to go is to Dawes Arboretum in Jacksontown, Ohio.  For many years we lived close to this place and it’s beautiful gardens, ponds and trees were like moth to a flame to Mom.  I can recall numerous times that we went here during my childhood.  One time we were even fortunate enough to stumble upon a gorgeous wedding be held at the Japanese Gardens.  She even liked the old cemetery they have their and we would get out and read some of the tombstones on the way out.  Mom loved it so much that I contemplated having a memorial bench placed there, but I didn’t like some of the policies in place for such a large donation.  But I do make sure I get back there from time to time and since my son was born we make it a habit to take photos of him there each year.  I hope he grows up to love the area as much as Mom and I did.

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