me2Hi!  Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Mindi Arnesen and I am Melody’s youngest daughter.  I have wanted to do this site as a lasting tribute to my Mom ever since she passed, but for the longest time it was just too painful.  Later it became lost in the hustle and bustle of normal life.  But around the time of my Mom’s birthday in 2014, I made a vow that I wanted to get the site up and running for the 10th anniversary of her passing which would be April 21st, 2015. 

My Family
My Mother was a beautiful soul who was so full of love and life and God.  She touched so many people in her lifetime, both with her many creative talents but also with her ginormous heart.  I can guarantee that if you were her friend or she cared about you in some way that you received something she made from the heart for a birthday, a Christmas or maybe just a thinking of you gift.  She was always willing to help out if asked, always willing to listen, always willing to teach or help in any way possible.

She was my fun, creative Mom growing up, but she was my best friend and confidant as an adult.  She was my biggest supporter, the one I could count on, she could always make me laugh and was a shoulder if I needed to cry.  I talked to her about things that I could talk to no one other than my husband about. We talked on the phone every day, many times multiple times a day.  When she died unexpectedly it left a great void in my life that I feel nothing or no one can ever fill.

IMG_1977My biggest regret about having a child later in life is that he never got to meet his Grandma and that she never got to spend time with him.  He has such a big imagination and is creative in his own right.  I see glimpses of her in his personality and I know she would have spoiled him rotten.  She would love him so much and I know she’s looking down on him from up above.  Unfortunately his Grandma Arnesen also passed away at an early age, so Richard and I plan to make his grandmas as real to him as we can through our own stories and family photos.  I see some aspects of her even in how I parent and it makes me smile when I catch myself using phrases that were uniquely my mom.

Mom holding me.
So I dedicate this site in remembrance of her and her abundant love and talents. I hope it gives a glimpse into her story and why she will always be my role model. She may be gone, but she is definitely no forgotten.  Until we see each other again…. Love you, Mom. ♥