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Occasionally Forgetful

When my husband and I were living together with my parents, Mom and I would often take turns cooking or cook together.  We always ate together as a family and with little exception we made group meals.  One night Mom made dinner.  I don’t remember if she made the whole dinner or if I made part and she made part, but I definitely know she made the mashed potatoes.  We all sat down to eat the meal, said grace and then dug into dinner.  Richard and I immediately realized something was wrong with the mashed potatoes.  Dad did not…Dad doesn’t always have the most discerning palate. 

So we asked Mom what was up with the potatoes.  After a process of elimination we finally determined that she had forgotten to put milk in them.  That can effect the taste of mashed potatoes from scratch, but it REALLY effects the taste when they’re instant mashed potatoes.  Whoops!  We teased her about it for years.

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