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Melody was very open-hearted. What I mean by that is that when there were times she definitely had the opportunity or almost the right to be hard-hearted towards someone, she was always open…open to forgiveness…open to the possibility of new outcomes…open to doing the loving thing. When Bill’s ex-wife showed up with their 3 kids one night and said he had to take them or else they would end up in the children’s home, she didn’t hesitate to say of course we will take them. It didn’t matter if they had the room, it didn’t matter that the request was more of a demand or that she was also looking after her own 2 little ones. Nothing else mattered but those kids.

Later Bill’s ex was set on fire by her boyfriend.  Melody and Bill went to the hospital to visit her and Melody told her that if she needed a place to stay she could come to their house.  Most other women in this position would not have had that amount of compassion (to open their home) towards that ex, especially in light of the previous circumstances, but Melody didn’t hesitate to open her heart.  She saw someone in need and that’s all that mattered. ♥

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