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Lake Hope

Mom loved Lake Hope.  It’s a lake located in Zaleski State Forest in McArthur, Ohio.  The lake has a well maintained beach with several amenities including paddle boats and a snack bar.  The water is pretty clear because they d0n’t allow gas powered boats on the lake and so many times we would look down and see the little fish swimming around us. It is free to go there so it was often a great destination during the summer as it is within an hour drive from Lancaster.  Sometimes we would go as a family and other times extended family or friends would come with us. 

One time in particular, my Uncle Bob and Aunt Jerri came with us.  Mom would often wear her bathing suit under her normal clothes so she didn’t have to use the changing rooms when we got there.  This particular time just as she was pulling off her shirt so she could go swimming, the swim shirt she was wearing pulled up too and she ‘flashed’ everyone at the beach.  Luckily there weren’t many people there and they weren’t looking in her direction…but Uncle Bob got an eye full.  Mom took it in stride though and it became a story that was retold over the years.  I’m sure it was embarrassing at the time for her, but she just laughed it off.

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