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The Dog Poop Incident

So now I’m going to share a story that was told to me many, many times over the years and in the process tell on my brother, Billy, a bit.  While Mom was pregnant with me, my brother had his bedroom in the basement.  His responsibility while in the basement was to pick up any ‘accidents’ the dogs had in the basement.  Mom was very pregnant with me at the time and was not making trips down to the basement to make sure this was being done.  One day, however, she did go down to the basement and what she found was a mess, to say the least. 

This is when Mom hatched a plan to teach Billy a lesson.  See Billy had a habit when he came home from school of running down the steps and jumping into his bed.  So Mom put newspaper on his bed and then piled all the dog poop on top of the bed, went back upstairs and waited.  When Billy ran down the stairs, Mom started counting back….5….4….3…  As Mom told it, she didn’t get to 1 before she heard a blood-curdling scream come from Billy.  Least to say, Mom never had problems with Billy not picking up after the dogs.  😀

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