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One of Mom’s favorite games was a board game called Aggravation.  I remember visiting with friends and family more times than I can count so that Mom and Dad could play Aggravation.  It got to the point where they even decided to make wooden boards, both for them and their friends, so that the game would hold up better.  Dad would get plywood and even cabinet doors to make the boards out of.  Dad would then trace the pattern onto the board and drill out the holes and then Mom would paint the boards to be specific for the family that would receive them, typically full of her sense of humor and creativity.  I still have these two boards.  The first one is one that Mom made when I was the only child left in the house, it was Mom and Dad’s personal game board.  The second one is one Mom made for Richard and I after we got married.  Mom was always on the lookout for large quantities of marbles and dice to complete the game before she gave it as a gift.

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