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Another one of Mom’s favorite games was Boggle.  We even had several versions of it and we played them all.  I have great memories of playing Boggle with her on the weekends.  She had a huge vocabulary and loved English.  A lot of people took her intellectual side for granted because she never received her high school diploma or went to college, but she was way smarter than what many people thought.  Her strengths were less in math and science and more on the language and creative side.  She loved to quote her favorite poems and pieces of literature.  She was an avid reader and routine went to the library and brought home a bag full of books.  She read lots of different genres, but her favorites seemed to be biographies, mysteries and historical romance.  She helped me and my siblings with more school projects than I can count, including a Science Fair Project in which I not only scored a Superior rating but I was chosen to move on to the regional Science Fair.  That project would not have been nearly as complete if it weren’t for Mom’s knowledge and creativity.

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